First Croatian IGF held in Zagreb

CARNet representatives participated in the first Croatian Forum on Internet Governance CRO-IGF which was held on May 6 2015 in Zagreb at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. The organizers of the event were HAKOM (Croatian regulatory authority for network industries) and Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

The first forum topic focused on the management of the Internet domain, and the introductory presentation preceding discussion of domains held Natasa Glavor, Assistant Director of CARNet. Together with the President of the Commission for the management of the domain .hr, prof. PhD Gordan Gledec responded to questions about the amendments to the Ordinance on the Organisation and Management of top level domain as well as on general issues related to the management of domains in the world.
On second forum topic which was Internet Governance, introductory presentations were held by Mislav Hebel from HAKOM and Andrea Beccalli from ICANN. After the presentation, there was a panel discussion on the question of the need of an open forum on Internet governance, enhanced participation of different groups of society, especially representatives of civil society and the new opportunities and ideas as a result of such events. Panelists were Kreso Antonović , Chief of postal and electronic communications sector in the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure, Ph. D. Marko Jurić, with the Faculty of Law, Hrvoje Hadžić, the company Ericsson Nikola Tesla and Zdravko Jukić, member of the Council of HAKOM.