Conference of RIF and DIDS 2017

Representatives of the .hr domain Registry participated in the eight annual conference about the Development of the Internet DIDS and RIF 2017, organized by "The Serbian National Internet Domain Registry Foundation" (RNIDS). Serbia's internet domain day was held on March 7th under the slogan "The Secrets of Internet Search: Search, Find, Visit".

The first day of program was devoted to Google and how to use Google's tools to create an internet strategy, how to advertise on Google, and how to create content which is user friendly for both web browsers and web site's visitors, and how to analyze the achieved results. This segment of the program was moderated by Gary Illyes, webmaster trends analyst at Google Inc.

On the second day, March 8th, the Regional Internet Forum (RIF 2017) took place, which gathered regional registers of national internet domains and organizations which are dealing with domain issues (state organs, regulatory bodies for telecommunications, CERTs and other organizations related to internet security, registrars , interested internet community representatives) and talked about topics which are of great significance to internet domain's registers.

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