.hr domain celebrates 30th birthday

CARNET marks the 30th anniversary of the Croatian national domain today. The formal recognition of Croatia in the global internet space begins on February 27, 1993 with the confirmation of the use of a new top-level .hr domain by the international organization of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

The first registered domain was and there are currently 124 601 registered domains. Croatia is the only European country that allows its citizens and legal entities to register free .hr domains. They make almost 70 percent of registered domains.

In addition to free and paid secondary .hr domains, it is possible to register free tertiary domain whose purpose is to achieve the virtual identity of natural persons and paid tertiary domains for the market activity of natural and legal persons from around the world. The registration of all .hr domains is carried out in accordance with the Ordinance on the organisation and management of the national top-level domain.