The ICANN75 Annual General Meeting was held live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from September 17-22, 2022.

The ICANN community has discussed gTLD (Generic Top-level Domain) data accuracy, internationalized domain names, universal acceptance, and other priority topics at various stages of policy development.

The plenary session, proposed and produced by the ICANN community, explored Internet fragmentation and the Domain Name System (DNS).

Educational opportunities available during ICANN included technical topics, workshops on DNS Security Extensions and Security, informational packages on the Root Server System, and a presentation on recent Security and Stability Board publications. During the welcome ceremony, the award Dr. Tarek Kamel was awarded for capacity building. Also, the annual ICANN Community Leader Recognition Program was held, honoring the leaders of 48 ICANN community members for their service. ICANN meetings are open to the general public, unless otherwise specified in the program details. Participation requires registration, and more about ICANN and the events themselves can be found here.