News in domain registration of July 4th

In continuation of improving the management of .hr domain, procedures and conditions have been issued for domain registration composed of one or two alphanumeric characters and domains with diacritics.

With further liberalization of domain management, for the first time since the existence of domain .hr, it will be possible to register a domain with one alphanumeric character, which together with domains with two alphanumeric characters can be registered as paid domains through accredited registrars. Registration will be possible from 4 July 2016, from noon.

Domains are registered as before, according to the principle of first come first serve without preference to any natural or legal person.

Domains with diacritics, č, ć, đ, š and ž will be possible to register as free or paid domains depending on how they meet the conditions set out in the Ordinance and user preferences.

Another novelty is the permission of domain holder change only for paid domains, which will be possible from September 1 this year, and for which the .hr Domain Management Committee warned all users about the importance of properly registered data under the .hr domain. Particular emphasis is placed on the e-mail address of the domain user through which the domain is managed and is possible to make a irreversible action. The domain holder is held responsible for the accuracy of the e-mail address and all the activities made by that address are considered valid.

Domain prices for end users will be defined by the Registrars, and prices of CARNet services to registrars are available at this address.

Decisions on these changes were brought by the CARNet Managing Council on the basis of the Ordinance on amendments to the Ordinance on the organization and management of the national top-level domain.

These decisions are available at this link.