.hr domain celebrates 25 years of existence

Today, CARNET marked 25 years since Croatia got its national domain and thus became recognized in the global internet space.

The sentence "Please go ahead with the new top level domain HR for Croatia", addressed to today's Deputy of Srce Ivan Marić in 1993, marked the beginning of the formal recognition of the .hr domain, and the first registered domain was

Since then, the number of domains has been constantly growing and currently more than 100,800 are registered. It is important to note that the Republic of Croatia is the only European country that offers the possibility of registering a free national domain for its citizens and legal entities, more than 70 percent of them. Paid .hr domains can be registered through authorized registrars.

Compared to many other top-level domains, the .hr domain is largely credible because a strong management policy affects the accuracy of user data, which is an important factor in online business. "The national domain is an important national resource and requires constant attention in technical and administrative terms," ​​said by prof. dr. sc. Gordan Gledec, President of the .hr Domain Management Committee. "In the domain world, including the .hr domain, it is extremely important that users take care of the data on the domain and therefore I urge everyone to take care of the up-to-date contact information on their domain, regardless of whether it has free or paid status," said by Vanja Radojević, head of the Registry of .hr domains, adding that the goal is to introduce full automation of registration, for which the precondition is to connect with all competent registries.

Until 2012, administrative and technical activities around .hr domains were performed on behalf of CARNET by the University Computing Center Zagreb, and from 1 January 2012, CARNET took over all elements of management and administration. Online registration and updating of free domains has been introduced, which has significantly accelerated and simplified the processes related to free domains.

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