Domain registration

A free domain can be registered by: logo
  • natural persons with residence or citizenship in the Republic of Croatia, uniquely recognizable by their personal identification number (PIN).

The domain name is exclusively in the form The "add-on" part is optional.

CARNET enables all holders of the domains to create their own website using a simple CMS system (WordPress) and host the website on CARNET's servers, with the aim of presenting the holders themselves, their hobbies and interests for non-commercial purposes.

If the holders want to activate this service, they need to request access data for creating a website from the administration of their domain. Immediately after that, access data and the address where the website administration is located will be sent to the domain holder's e-mail address.

Note: when registering a domain with diacritical characters, there is a possibility that certain software (e.g. older e-mail clients or web browsers) do not support diacritical characters, so the domain name will not be displayed in the same way as it was registered.

Also, for domains with diacritical marks, it is currently not possible to use a WordPress blog because it does not support the creation of pages with diacritical marks.